Sessions & Services

Spiritual Cleansing

This is a mini ua neeb session to remove all negative energies, and attachments, and reset your Chakras back to positive. This is good for trauma, loss, and depression, or just feeling stuck in life. 

Spiritual Healing

Various types of ua neeb to heal and help your spirit. We will discuss this session on a one-on-one basis where I’ll evaluate your current situation to see if spiritual healing would be the best option for your situation and ailment.

Soul Reading

This is a session to know and understand the soul connections of those around you, such as your family, friends, and colleagues. I look for any soul or karmic ties that may have existed before this life and to better understand your position in life with them this lifetime. 

Future readings

This is a prediction of what is to come and what they may run into in the future. It’s like a forecast of things to come. This would be good to ask any questions regarding your future, such as career, love, goals…etc.

Past Life Reading

This session dives back into your past lives to view your soul record and see if there are any karmic ties, unfinished businesses, or blockages from a past that may be interfering with your present life, preventing you from accomplishing your heart’s desire.

Deep Dive Session into Spiritual

This is a combined comprehensive deep dive that includes past life, soul connections, future, and soul mission purpose reading. I will also answer any questions you may have about your spiritual gifts and provide guides.
(Five in one)

Birth Chart

This chart covers love, career, finances, health, and purpose. I channel this guidance chart based on your date of birth and name at birth and is unique to you. This will provide you with an outlook for each area.

Guidance Chart

For this chart, I will channel your soul and provide you with a comprehensive month-to-month guidance chart of what to expect so you can be prepared and align yourself with what’s to come, such as events or emotions and things that may occur.

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