First and foremost, thank you for coming to my site. I believe that if you are here and reading this, it is not by accident. When certain things happen in our lives, whether it be an event, a loss, or health symptoms, it is natural for us to question what is happening to us and whether there is more to this than what our own eyes can see.

As a Psychic Medium, Soul Reader, and Spiritual Healer, I can provide you with an in-depth look into your soul record and spiritual health to help you better understand if there may be any attachments, karmic ties, or unfinished businesses from a previous life that may be interfering with your current life and preventing you from fully enjoying life or pursuing your soul purpose.

As you look through my website and explore the various services and sessions I provide, I hope that it’ll provide you with enough information and inspiration to connect with me. I look forward to hearing from you and hope to connect with you soon.

Much love & light,



I booked my Deep Dive session with Kylie and was impressed at how on-point she was about the things that were going on in my life. Not only did she provide me a glimpse into my soul connections with my loved ones, but she was able to connect me with my Spirit Guides. Her reading enlightening and allowed me to see more clearly into my soul purpose so that I can better plan my course for the next phase in my life.

Steph Chang

Deep Dive | Spiritual Cleanse

Just wanted to say thank you to Kylie for cleansing my daughter and I. I would like to send my appreciation to Kylie’s husband as well. You two make a great team. May you two live your life together to the fullest. This is my 3rd time that I have used Kylie’s services. I have had a regular reading, past life regression reading, and now a cleanse. She is very thorough, fast, and great at what she does. I am a believer and I always will be. Thank you to you and your husband for all that you do.
I recommend Kylie for all your spiritual needs.

Spiritual Cleanse

We just finished our spiritual cleansing session with Kylie and I’ve to say it feels great! I’m so happy to be able to cleanse our home and all of us before the new year. Thank you Kylie and Kylie’s husband. If you haven’t booked a cleansing session with Kylie, I recommend one

Kathy Y

Spiritual Cleanse

My family of 5 received a full cleanse from Kylie. She went through each of us one by one, saw which one of us was experiencing spiritual issues, spoke to each of our guides, and cleansed us. She even saw one of my kids being more spiritually impacted than the others and asked me if I knew about his gifts (yes, I’ve known since he was 2 or 3 years old). She also did a cleansing of my home and confirmed I had a few ‘passerbys’ in my home. I’m just glad this aligned with my own intuition, and that I don’t have any long term residents I don’t know about! I can definitely feel the difference in energy – my head is very clear right now. It feels like I am observing myself, observing everything and everyone around me. And the best part – I haven’t had anymore past life attachments come up. So here’s to a peaceful sleep tonight!

Deep Dive | Spiritual Cleanse

I did a spiritual cleansing on my 5 kids on 12/23/2023 with Kylie. Why not? I wanted to start the new year fresh, so I decided to go for it. Kylie was able to pick up my oldest daughter right away!! She’s 12 and has been depressed, has had suicidal thoughts, gets social anxiety, and/or doesn’t even talk to me when I’m asking her what is wrong. During the cleanse, Kylie said that my oldest daughter was very saddened and asked for consent to get rid of that attachment. I told her to go for it. Right after our session, I immediately saw changes in my oldest daughter!!! She started talking to me more, and on the drive home, she was talking to her siblings, too! I have never seen her do that for over a year and a half now. I got emotional because she’s back to the little happy girl that I know. It’s been a few days and she is more involved with us now.
With that being said, I would highly recommend Kylie if your kids need spiritual cleanse done! When you noticed a difference with your child, reach out to Kylie! As for my other 4 kids, they are fine and not much with them. It was only my oldest daughter that came through more.

Spiritual Cleanse

Did a spiritual cleansing on my stepson with Kylie and all I can say is.. wow! After the spiritual cleansing, he doesn’t look pale anymore, and he’s more energetic now. Before, he would look very pale all the time and he is very skinny too. Kylie was also on point with everything about my stepson. I would highly recommend a spiritual cleansing with her, if you haven’t done so!

Spiritual Cleanse

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