Spiritual Healer

As a spiritual healer, I work with clients to help them become aware of how they are affecting their health and well-being. We will explore patterns and life experiences that may be blocking your spiritual connection. When we identify and dissolve these blocks, you can become more at ease in your body, mind, and spirit. Your flow of energy becomes stronger and clearer by accepting this connection to all aspects of your being – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. During our sessions together you will learn to reach for what your heart desires in this moment and trust that it will be received into your experience in a way that is harmonious with the whole being you are.


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Spiritual Sessions

Birth & Guidance Charts

Know the person you are—and how to make the most of your life. A birth chart is a picture of your personality, based on the exact moment and place of your birth. A Guidance Chart will help you understand and interpret the energies and influences in your life.  From love to money to career, it helps unlock the mysteries of your destiny. 

Soul Reading

Have you ever wondered where you’re from?  Are you a Starseed?  Did you come from one of the heavenly planes?  How old is your soul?

Infinite realms exist throughout the universe, from the astral plane of transitioning souls to the places where ancient aliens dwell, and infinite beings, including ourselves, call these places ‘Home.’  We come here with a purpose, and when we’re done, we return home with no more than the riches of what we’ve learned. 

Earth is at the lowest spectrum of our galaxy.  Life here is filled with lessons meant to stimulate our evolution, diluting our connection home.  Most of us have forgotten our power. 

Reconnect with the essence of who you are through my Soul Reading.  Remember your power.  Remember yourself.  

Past Life Reading

Have you ever wondered who you were in your past life? Did you have gifts, talents or a purpose that was never uncovered, or lived out? Did you experience blockages and fear which hold you back in this life? Would it be freeing to understand why negative things keep happening to you in this lifetime — and how to finally move on from them?

When you get a past life reading with me, you’ll see moments in your life that seemed confusing or out of context. You may have had a dream that seemed impossible to comprehend, but once we interpret the message through a past life reading, it all comes together. Your spiritual path is so much more than just learning about yourself and what to expect in your current lifetime – it’s about understanding who you truly are and how far back your soul has lived before.

Come join us on this transformational journey so you can reclaim your power and discover what it means to be alive, truly ALIVE…

Spiritual Awakening Retreat 2023

The Spiritual Awakening Retreat is designed to help you strengthen your connection to your Divine source so that you can awaken that innate ability. A strong connection will not only awaken your healing powers but will also give you the direct answers you seek. This direct guidance will lead you on a personal journey to fulfill your life mission as well as discover whatever you need to heal spiritually, physically and emotionally.

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