Our Fellowship

It is not an easy task to face the challenges of life on your own.  Feeling at a loss or being stuck in your spiritual healing can be remedied by joining a support group or a local community. Finding a community can be an immensely powerful part of your healing journey. A sense of belonging and communal connection provides comfort and encouragement during difficult times, while being part of a community can create a supportive and nourishing environment for personal growth and healing. When people come together to share their experiences with each other, they are able to grow personally as well as help others with similar struggles.

The Sacred Heart Fellowship is a place where you can come to experience community, healing, and transformation. We encourage you to seek answers, explore your innermost desires, embrace your own spiritual truths and strength, and create the life you want.  Our mission is to empower, inspire and support each other in our personal growth. Together, we can create a future where women live fulfilling and meaningful lives by embracing their unique gifts and passions.

The Fellowship awaits you…